Berkeley PTSA - Building Our Community

The Berkeley High PTSA works to positively impact the school climate by:

  • Supporting meaningful and fun student activities
  • Hosting parent education events and networking opportunities
  • Providing information and advocating for students and parents

PTSA Meeting Wednesday November 8, 2017

Nov 08, 2017 6:45 AM to 8:15 AM
BHS Library

Please join us Wednesday, November 8th, from 6:45 to 8:15PM for a PTSA meeting in the BHS Library. Light snacks will be available. 


Guest speakers at the meeting include:  


Superintendent Dr. Donald Evans, Dwayne Byndloss, BIHS & AMPS Counselor, Jasdeep Malhi, BHS Intervention Coordinator/Counselor


BHS students and parents alike are told that the school's counselors are essential resources for BHS students in good times and bad. Counselors Dwayne Byndloss and Jasdeep Malhi are coming to this meeting to explain their roles on campus and provide parents with the information they seek. Please use this Google Form to submit any questions you have for them


The BHS PTSA seeks to promote a whole school community by facilitating activities such as the food trucks at Back To School Night and parent/teacher education opportunities. You can support the PTSA by becoming a member this year. Here is a link to join online.





"The Mask You Live In"

Nov 02, 2017 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Florence Schwimley Little Theater Allston Way



The Berkeley HIgh PTSA is sponsoring a FREE screening of the 2015 Sundance Award-winning film The Mask You Live In.

Please join us Thursday, November 2 from 7-9 PM in the Florence Schwimley Little Theater on Allston Way.

Light refreshments and snacks will be served.

A facilitated audience discussion will take place after the screening. 


The Mask You Live In takes a look at the damaging effects of our cultures narrow definition of what it means to "be a man" and the unintended consequences this can create for young men as individuals and for our society as a whole.


The BHS PTSA seeks to promote a whole school community by facilitating activities such as teh food trucks at Back to School Night and parent/student education such as the screening of this film.


You can support the PTSA by becoming a member this year. This is the link to join online:  Berkeley High PTSA |




Food Trucks at Back to School Night

Sep 28, 2017 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
BHS Campus in front of the Community Theater

Grab a BITE on back to school night!
For your convenience and fun, the PTSA has arranged for the following 3 food trucks to be on campus from 5:00-7:00:
· Country Grill
· Fist of Flour Pizza Company http://wheresthefist.c om/
· Phil's Sliders -The new mobile unit.  
There will be pizza, chicken, salads, sliders, vegetarian and vegan options.
Prices will range from $5-$10 per person.
It's also a chance to celebrate that September "getting back to school month" is almost over and to enjoy some food that you didn't have to prepare!

The Sky's The Limit - Join BHS PTSA

It's likely that you are familiar with the PTA, you may have been actively involved in your elementary school's PTA, you may have helped at your middle school's PTA events, and now that your kids are at Berkeley High you might be thinking "I'm done!"

Berkeley High is a great high school. Its principal Erin Schweng is an impressive and collaborative leader. The BHS Development Group and Athletic Fund raise a lot of money, and along with the BSEP and LCAP committees, parents have a voice in bringing many resources and enrichment opportunities to our students.

So what could possibly be missing? What's the value of having a PTA at Berkeley High?

At the high school level, the PTA's mission is to build a whole school community. The PTA at Berkeley High is actually a PTSA, a Parent Teacher Student Association. The school's distinct learning communities afford our students great opportunities, but they fractionalize the student body and parent community. To provide effective advocacy for students and parents, Berkeley High needs a strong unified parent voice.

Many of us hear that Berkeley High is a great school for kids who are self directed, but the kids who aren't can easily get lost. Yes, kids who can recognize and voice their needs can hook up with resources independently and these kids thrive. But not all kids can steer their own course successfully, and often parents who need to assist their kids don't know where to go or they hit obstacles. Moreover, something unanticipated can land any kid in a situation that needs parent or guardian advocacy.

In addition to supporting the high school's students, parents, and guardians, the PTSA can sponsor whole school activities that are fun and safe. It can make current campus events more welcoming (like bringing food trucks to this year's back-to-school night) and it can sponsor parent and student opportunities for socializing, learning, and advocacy (like screenings of film "The Mask You Live In").

Right now our nation's public schools are under attack more than ever before. Berkeley’s become the battleground destination for Alt-Right and Antifa showdowns in the park across the street from the high school. We believe that a strong PTSA can help keep Berkeley High on the up and up and set a good example for our country. After all, working together in the public schools is perhaps the best opportunity in life for adults and kids to surmount the racial, cultural, and economic boundaries that separate us. So let’s embrace our diversity and be a team again and work together to make Berkeley High School a safe, equitable, enriching, and fun experience for our kids.

Join the PTSA this year. Bring your ideas, enthusiasm, passions, and commitment. Take the ball and run with it. The sky's the limit!

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